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Episode 95: Subvert Sessions Podcast Presents Kamo (DBCO, KL) [March 2017]
March 23, 2017 02:54 AM PDT
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We've been away for awhile, but have we got a treat for you. Kamo from the Malaysian drum n bass outfit DBCO steps outside of his comfort zone to deliver a punchy yet soulful 30-minutes of halftime, juke and bass.

Track list:

1. The Weeknd - King Of The Fall (Fracture's Astrophonica Edit)
2. Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - Stop It (Original Mix)
3. Stray - Paradise (dBridge's Glitch Slap Edit)
4. Fixate - Bandicoot (Original Mix)
5. Eveson & Halogenix - Baby (Original Mix)
6. Thing - Feels (Original Mix)
7. Adred with Robert Manos - 300 Pages
8. Machinedrum - Take Flight (Mystic State Remix)
9. Stray - LA Zoom
10. DIGI - Don't this Ish (Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn)
11. Om Unit & Sam Binga - Triffidz
12. Beyoncé - Mine (Machinedrum RMX)
13. Om Unit - Spiritwerk (Original Mix)
14. Fracture - All My Love
15. Zed Bias - Driftin feat. Zoe Violet (Original Mix)
16. dBridge - Cos My Love Is (Original Mix)

We do hope you like this one!

Kamo would like to dedicate this mix to Lala Girl. Peace.

Subvert Sessions Podcast: The Lush Mix (Recorded at Lush 99.5FM Singapore, 17 December 2016)
December 18, 2016 07:35 AM PST
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More fresh tunes from the 170BPM spectrum, recorded live at Lush 99.5FM, Singapore. We do hope you like this latest instalment, happy listening.

Download via iTunes: https://goo.gl/2iatSm

Track list:

1. J:Kenzo - Skatta VIP [Cosmic Bridge]
2. Whiney - Stranger Tides [Med School]
3. Anile - Wish List [Med School]
4. Seba - Keep Me Waiting [31 Records]
5. Blu Mar Ten - All Thoughts Are Prayers (Marcus Intalex Remix) [BMT Music]
6. Deep Blue - Open Love [Scale Records]
7. Seathasky - Ember [Offworld]
8. Seba - Say You Love Me [Secret Operations]
9. Blu Mar Ten - Hunter [BMT Music]
10. Artificial Intelligence - Close To U [Integral]
11. Blu Mar Ten - Keep It Together (featuring Robert Manos) [BMT Music]
12. dBridge - True Romance [Metalheadz]
13. Marcus Intalex - Stark [Dispatch]
14. Gerra and Stone - Too Deep [Dispatch]
15. Lenzman and Switch - Ice Cold Soul [CIA]
16. Zero T and Survival - No More (featuring Steo) [Dispatch]
17. BCee - Typical Description (Calibre Remix) [Spearhead]
18. A-Sides - This Is Your Time (Break Remix) [EastSide]
19. Blu Mar Ten - Delirium (featuring Kite) [BMT Music]
20. Lurch - Weather Change [Med School]
21. London Elektricity - Why Are We Here (SPY Remix) [Med School]
22. SPY - Dusty Fingers (featuring Diane Charlemange) [Hospital]
23. Akuratyde - Last Forever (Method One Remix) [Silk Recordings]
24. Seba and Paradox - Move On (featuring Robert Manos) [Hospital]

Time: 62:29

Recorded: Dec 17 2016 (MediaCorp Lush 99.5FM)

For mixes and more visit https://www.facebook.com/SubvertHQ
Instagram: @subvertmoves
Photo: Lush 99.5FM

Subvert Sessions Podcast: The Lush Mix (Recorded 9 October 2016)
October 08, 2016 04:56 PM PDT
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More fresh tunes from the 170BPM spectrum, recorded live at Lush 99.5FM, Singapore. We do hope you like this latest instalment, happy listening.

Download via iTunes: https://goo.gl/2iatSm

Track list:

1. ASC - Spaceloop [Auxiliary]
2. Hidden Turn - Not Fear [ThirtyOne Recordings]
3. Calibre - Stranger [Exit]
4. Schematic - Learn From The Past [Hospital]
5. Utah Jazz - Mile High Club (featuring MC Fava) [Spearhead]
6. Utah Jazz - Promised Land [Spearhead]
7. Seba - A Little Closer (featuring Jenna G) [Fokuz]
8. ST Files and Response - Wanna B 3 [CIA]
9. A-Sides - Voices [EastSide]
10. Dave Owen, Calculon and Ben Soundscape - Through The Night (featuring MC Fava) [Celcius]
11. SCAR - You Were Here Again [Metalheadz]
12. Lenzman - Cherry Blossom [Metalheadz]
13. DRS - Emergency (featuring Marcus Intalex) [Soul:R]
14. SPY - Frozen [Hospital]
15. Calibre - Amen Tune (featuring DJ Marky) [Signature]
16. SPY - By Your Side (Logistics Remix) [Spearhead]
17. Lurch - Weather Change [Med School]
18. Marcus Intalex - Paulista Dub (featuring SPY) [Soul:R]
19. Paul T and Edward Oberon - Tempt [V Recordings]
20. Marcus Intalex - Climb Up The Walls (featuring Lynx and Fierce) [Soul:R]
21. Goldie - Inner City Life [FFRR/Metalheadz]

Time: 60:39

Recorded: Oct 08 2016 (MediaCorp Lush 99.5FM)

For mixes and more visit https://www.facebook.com/SubvertHQ
Instagram: @subvertmoves
Photo: Lush 99.5FM

Lush 99.5FM Mix: Zul (Subvert HQ, Singapore) [Recorded May 21 2016, MediaCorp 99.5FM Studios]
May 24, 2016 10:36 PM PDT
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Recorded live for Singapore's Lush99.5 station on Vesak Day (May 21 2016 8pm). In the play list are classics from Metalheadz and V RECORDINGS as well as fresh cuts from Akuratyde Kid Drama Nymfo amongst others. Don't mind the abrupt cut at the end... but we do hope you like this one!

Track list:

Pascal - P-Funk Era [Frontline 1995]
Marcus Intalex + ST Files - How You Make Me Feel [31 Recordings 2000]
Max De Castro - Carnaval (DJ Patife Remix) [V Recordings 2001]
XRS Land - Secrets Of The Floating Island [V Recordings 2001]
Lenzman - Fade Away [Soul:R 2010]
Liife - Lunar [Convex Industries 2016]
Akuratyde - Last Forever (Method One Remix) [Silk Recordings 2016]
Om Unit - Adventures In Eden [Cosmic Bridge 2016]
Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through (ASC Remix) [FREE 2010]
Instra:mental - End Credits [NonPlus Ltd 2010]
Beastie Respond - One More Second [Exit Records 2013]
Kid Drama - Waste Time (feat. Alia Fresco) [Exit Records 2016]
Mikarma - Initiator [CNVX 2015]
Spectrasoul - Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix) [Shogun Audio 2016]
Nymfo - Melting Pot (feat. Robert Manos) [Spearhead Records 2016]
Unknown - Untitled
DJ Clart & MSdoS - Disco Inferno [Liquid Drops 2016]
Sci-Clone - Everywhere I Go (Remix) [Metalheadz 1999]

Time: 61:54
Recorded: May 21 2016
For mixes and more visit www.facebook.com/SubvertHQ

Vykhod Sily Podcast - Subvert HQ (Singapore Feb 2015)
February 26, 2015 05:31 PM PST
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It's nice to know that people like the mixes you do. So imagine my surprise when I got this message from this cool cat in Russia Rustee, who wanted to host a Subvert HQ mix on his podcast series. I was only happy to oblige. I hope you enjoy this!

Download via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/subvert-sessions-podcast/id395437067

Track list:

01. Method One - Blackwood [Auxiliary]
02. Method One - Yesterday’s Dust (remix) [Auxiliary]
03. Nether - Glacial Dub [Space Cadets]
04. AnD - Calmness [Auxiliary]
05. ASC - Sunburst [FREE]
06. Mav - Skylinges (Inertia Remix) [Scientific Records]
07. ASC - The Ubiquity Incident [NonPlus]
08. Mav - A Journey Through Skylines (But Sweet Dreams) (Microspacefunk Bop Remix) [Scientific Records]
09. Microfunk Crew - Alarm Clock [Med School]
10. HeartDrive - When Droids [Pleasure District]
11. Method One - Krimpet [Auxiliary]
12. Kid Drama - What Used To Be [Soul:R]
13. HeartDrive - Empathy Reboot [Pleasure District]
14. Kid Drama - Azure Part 1 (featuring Lucie La Mode) [CNVX]
15. DAAT and Dominic Ridgeway - Crashes [Detuned Transmissions]
16. Instra:Mental - End Credits [NONPLUSLTD]
17. Theme - Theme 3 [Samurai Horo]
18. Machinedrum - Knowfuture [FREE]
19. dBridge - Module Eight [Pleasure District]
20. Oscillist - Mono [Scientific Records]
21. Blu Mar Ten - Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix) [BMT Music]
22. HijaQ - Pond [dub]
23. HijaQ - Coma [dub]
24. Bop - Atraxia [Med School]
25. ASC and Synkro - Sacret Moments [Auxiliary]
26. Synkro - To Be [Apollo]

Time: 65:30
Recorded: Feb 15 2015 
For mixes and more visit http://subverthq.blogspot.sg 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SubvertHQ

Episode 50: Subvert Sessions Podcast | Octane & DLR Mix [Oct 2012]
October 14, 2012 10:26 AM PDT
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Since 2010, Octane & DLR (otherwise known as Chris & Jay) have been blinding the drum & bass massive worldwide with a selection of dance floor destroyers released on top notch labels like Renegade Hardware, Run DNB, Audio Tactics and of course initially and most regularly on Dispatch Recordings.

Their debut album Method in the Madness was recently released to rave reviews. Not to be outdone, Leeds' finest have also recorded an exclusive mix to commemorate our 50th episode.


For mixes and more visit http://subverthq.blogspot.sg/

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